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git-svn: add --authors-prog option
Add a new option, --authors-prog, to git-svn that allows a more flexible alternative (or supplement) to --authors-file. This allows more advanced username operations than the authors file will allow. For example, one may look up Subversion users via LDAP, or may generate the name and email address from the Subversion username. Notes: * If both --authors-name and --authors-prog are given, the former is tried first, falling back to the later. * The program is called once per unique SVN username, and the result is cached. * The command-line argument must be the path to a program, not a generic shell command line. The absolute path to this program is taken at startup since the git-svn script changes directory during operation. * The option is not enabled for `git svn log'. [ew: fixed case where neither --authors-(name|prog) were defined] Signed-off-by: Mark Lodato <> Acked-by: Eric Wong <>
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@@ -398,6 +398,14 @@ after the authors-file is modified should continue operation.
config key: svn.authorsfile
+If this option is specified, for each SVN committer name that does not
+exist in the authors file, the given file is executed with the committer
+name as the first argument. The program is expected to return a single
+line of the form "Name <email>", which will be treated as if included in
+the authors file.
Make 'git-svn' less verbose. Specify a second time to make it