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Add 'git svn reset' to unwind 'git svn fetch'
Add a command to unwind the effects of fetch by moving the rev_map and refs/remotes/git-svn back to an old SVN revision. This allows revisions to be re-fetched. Ideally SVN revs would be immutable, but permissions changes in the SVN repository or indiscriminate use of '--ignore-paths' can create situations where fetch cannot make progress. Signed-off-by: Ben Jackson <> Acked-by: Eric Wong <>
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@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ config key: svn.commiturl (overwrites all svn-remote.<name>.commiturl options)
The following features from `svn log' are supported:
is supported, non-numeric args are not:
@@ -314,6 +314,63 @@ Any other arguments are passed directly to 'git-log'
Shows the Subversion externals. Use -r/--revision to specify a
specific revision.
+ Undoes the effects of 'fetch' back to the specified revision.
+ This allows you to re-'fetch' an SVN revision. Normally the
+ contents of an SVN revision should never change and 'reset'
+ should not be necessary. However, if SVN permissions change,
+ or if you alter your --ignore-paths option, a 'fetch' may fail
+ with "not found in commit" (file not previously visible) or
+ "checksum mismatch" (missed a modification). If the problem
+ file cannot be ignored forever (with --ignore-paths) the only
+ way to repair the repo is to use 'reset'.
+Only the rev_map and refs/remotes/git-svn are changed. Follow 'reset'
+with a 'fetch' and then 'git-reset' or 'git-rebase' to move local
+branches onto the new tree.
+ Specify the most recent revision to keep. All later revisions
+ are discarded.
+ Discard the specified revision as well, keeping the nearest
+ parent instead.
+Assume you have local changes in "master", but you need to refetch "r2".
+ r1---r2---r3 remotes/git-svn
+ \
+ A---B master
+Fix the ignore-paths or SVN permissions problem that caused "r2" to
+be incomplete in the first place. Then:
+git svn reset -r2 -p
+git svn fetch
+ r1---r2'--r3' remotes/git-svn
+ \
+ r2---r3---A---B master
+Then fixup "master" with 'git-rebase'.
+Do NOT use 'git-merge' or your history will not be compatible with a
+future 'dcommit'!
+git rebase --onto remotes/git-svn A^ master
+ r1---r2'--r3' remotes/git-svn
+ \
+ A'--B' master