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git-svn: allow metadata options to be specified with 'init' and 'clone'
Since the options that affect the way metadata is handled in git-svn, should be consistently set/unset throughout history imported by git-svn; it makes sense to allow the user to set certain options from the command-line that will write to the config file when initially creating the repository. Also, fix some formatting issues while we're updating documentation. Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>
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@@ -49,6 +49,15 @@ COMMANDS
(--tags=project/tags') or a full url
+ Set the 'noMetadata' option in the [svn-remote] config.
+ Set the 'useSvmProps' option in the [svn-remote] config.
+ Set the 'useSvnsyncProps' option in the [svn-remote] config.
+ Set the 'rewriteRoot' option in the [svn-remote] config.
This allows one to specify a prefix which is prepended
to the names of remotes if trunk/branches/tags are
@@ -307,8 +316,8 @@ CONFIG FILE-ONLY OPTIONS
This gets rid of the git-svn-id: lines at the end of every commit.
If you lose your .git/svn/git-svn/.rev_db file, git-svn will not
@@ -319,8 +328,8 @@ svn-remote.<name>.noMetadata:
this, either. Using this conflicts with the 'useSvmProps'
option for (hopefully) obvious reasons.
This allows git-svn to re-map repository URLs and UUIDs from
mirrors created using SVN::Mirror (or svk) for metadata.
@@ -332,20 +341,19 @@ svn-remote.<name>.useSvmProps:
URL and UUID, and use it when generating metadata in commit
Similar to the useSvmProps option; this is for users
of the svnsync(1) command distributed with SVN 1.4.x and
This allows users to create repositories from alternate
URLs. For example, an administrator could run git-svn on the
server locally (accessing via file://) but wish to distribute
the repository with a public http:// or svn:// URL in the
metadata so users of it will see the public URL.
Since the noMetadata, rewriteRoot, useSvnsyncProps and useSvmProps
options all affect the metadata generated and used by git-svn; they
*must* be set in the configuration file before any history is imported