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git-svn: Add per-svn-remote ignore-paths config
The --ignore-paths option to fetch is very useful for working on a subset of a SVN repository. For proper operation, every command that causes a fetch (explicit or implied) must include a matching --ignore-paths option. This patch adds a persistent svn-remote.$repo_id.ignore-paths config by promoting Fetcher::is_path_ignored to a member function and initializing $self->{ignore_regex} in Fetcher::new. Command line --ignore-paths is still recognized and acts in addition to the config value. Signed-off-by: Ben Jackson <> Acked-by: Eric Wong <>
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@@ -107,17 +107,25 @@ repository, either don't use this option or you should both use it in
the same local timezone.
- This allows one to specify Perl regular expression that will
+ This allows one to specify a Perl regular expression that will
cause skipping of all matching paths from checkout from SVN.
- Examples:
+ The '--ignore-paths' option should match for every 'fetch'
+ (including automatic fetches due to 'clone', 'dcommit',
+ 'rebase', etc) on a given repository.
- --ignore-paths="^doc" - skip "doc*" directory for every fetch.
+config key: svn-remote.<name>.ignore-paths
- --ignore-paths="^[^/]+/(?:branches|tags)" - skip "branches"
- and "tags" of first level directories.
+ If the ignore-paths config key is set and the command
+ line option is also given, both regular expressions
+ will be used.
- Regular expression is not persistent, you should specify
- it every time when fetching.
+ --ignore-paths="^doc" - skip "doc*" directory for every
+ fetch.
+ --ignore-paths="^[^/]+/(?:branches|tags)" - skip
+ "branches" and "tags" of first level directories.
Runs 'init' and 'fetch'. It will automatically create a