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Merge branch 'sg/complete-paths'
Command line completion (in contrib/) learned to complete pathnames for various commands better. * sg/complete-paths: t9902-completion: exercise __git_complete_index_file() directly completion: don't return with error from __gitcomp_file_direct() completion: fill COMPREPLY directly when completing paths completion: improve handling quoted paths in 'git ls-files's output completion: remove repeated dirnames with 'awk' during path completion t9902-completion: ignore COMPREPLY element order in some tests completion: use 'awk' to strip trailing path components completion: let 'ls-files' and 'diff-index' filter matching paths completion: improve handling quoted paths on the command line completion: support completing non-ASCII pathnames completion: simplify prefix path component handling during path completion completion: move __git_complete_index_file() next to its helpers t9902-completion: add tests demonstrating issues with quoted pathnames
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