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submodule.c: use get_git_dir() instead of get_git_common_dir()
Ever since df56607dff (git-common-dir: make "modules/" per-working-directory directory, 2014-11-30), submodules in linked worktrees are cloned to $GIT_DIR/modules, i.e. $GIT_COMMON_DIR/worktrees/<name>/modules. However, this convention was not followed when the worktree updater commands checkout, reset and read-tree learned to recurse into submodules. Specifically, submodule.c::submodule_move_head, introduced in 6e3c1595c6 (update submodules: add submodule_move_head, 2017-03-14) and submodule.c::submodule_unset_core_worktree, (re)introduced in 898c2e65b7 (submodule: unset core.worktree if no working tree is present, 2018-12-14) use get_git_common_dir() instead of get_git_dir() to get the path of the submodule repository. This means that, for example, 'git checkout --recurse-submodules <branch>' in a linked worktree will correctly checkout <branch>, detach the submodule's HEAD at the commit recorded in <branch> and update the submodule working tree, but the submodule HEAD that will be moved is the one in $GIT_COMMON_DIR/modules/<name>/, i.e. the submodule repository of the main superproject working tree. It will also rewrite the gitfile in the submodule working tree of the linked worktree to point to $GIT_COMMON_DIR/modules/<name>/. This leads to an incorrect (and confusing!) state in the submodule working tree of the main superproject worktree. Additionally, if switching to a commit where the submodule is not present, submodule_unset_core_worktree will be called and will incorrectly remove 'core.wortree' from the config file of the submodule in the main superproject worktree, $GIT_COMMON_DIR/modules/<name>/config. Fix this by constructing the path to the submodule repository using get_git_dir() in both submodule_move_head and submodule_unset_core_worktree. Signed-off-by: Philippe Blain <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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