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Merge branch 'xz/send-email-batch-size'
"git send-email" learned to overcome some SMTP server limitation that does not allow many pieces of e-mails to be sent over a single session. * xz/send-email-batch-size: send-email: --batch-size to work around some SMTP server limit
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@@ -248,6 +248,21 @@ must be used for each option.
commands and replies will be printed. Useful to debug TLS
connection and authentication problems.
+ Some email servers (e.g. limit the number emails to be
+ sent per session (connection) and this will lead to a faliure when
+ sending many messages. With this option, send-email will disconnect after
+ sending $<num> messages and wait for a few seconds (see --relogin-delay)
+ and reconnect, to work around such a limit. You may want to
+ use some form of credential helper to avoid having to retype
+ your password every time this happens. Defaults to the
+ `sendemail.smtpBatchSize` configuration variable.
+ Waiting $<int> seconds before reconnecting to SMTP server. Used together
+ with --batch-size option. Defaults to the `sendemail.smtpReloginDelay`
+ configuration variable.