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send-pack --keep: do not explode into loose objects on the receiving end.
This adds "keep-pack" extension to send-pack vs receive pack protocol, and makes the receiver invoke "index-pack --stdin --fix-thin". With this, you can ask send-pack not to explode the result into loose objects on the receiving end. I've patched has_sha1_file() to re-check for added packs just like is done in read_sha1_file() for now, but I think the static "re-prepare" interface for packs was a mistake. Creation of a new pack inside a process that needs to read objects in them back ought to be a rare event, so we are better off making the callers (such as receive-pack that calls "index-pack --stdin --fix-thin") explicitly call re-prepare. That way we do not have to penalize ordinary users of read_sha1_file() and has_sha1_file(). We would need to fix this someday. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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