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send-email: add --confirm option and configuration setting
send-email violates the principle of least surprise by automatically cc'ing additional recipients without confirming this with the user. This patch teaches send-email a --confirm option. It takes the following values: --confirm=always always confirm before sending --confirm=never never confirm before sending --confirm=cc confirm before sending when send-email has automatically added addresses from the patch to the Cc list --confirm=compose confirm before sending the first message when using --compose. (Needed to maintain backwards compatibility with existing behavior.) --confirm=auto 'cc' + 'compose' If sendemail.confirm is unconfigured, the option defaults to 'compose' if any suppress-Cc related options have been used, otherwise it defaults to 'auto'. Unfortunately, it is impossible to introduce this patch such that it helps new users without potentially annoying some existing users. We attempt to mitigate the latter by: * Allowing the user to set 'git config sendemail.confirm never' * Allowing the user to say 'all' after the first prompt to not be prompted on remaining emails during the same invocation. * Telling the user about the 'sendemail.confirm' setting if it is unconfigured whenever we prompt due to Cc before sending. * Only prompting if no --suppress related options have been passed, as using such an option is likely to indicate an experienced send-email user. There is a slight fib in message informing the user of the sendemail.confirm setting and this is intentional. Setting 'auto' differs from leaving sendemail.confirm unset in two ways: 1) 'auto' obviously squelches the informational message; 2) 'auto' prompts when the Cc list has been expanded even in the presence of a --suppress related option, where leaving sendemail.confirm unset does not. This is intentional to keep the message simple, and to avoid adding another sendemail.confirm value ('auto-except-suppress'?). Signed-off-by: Jay Soffian <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -199,6 +199,22 @@ specified, as well as 'body' if --no-signed-off-cc is specified.
+ Confirm just before sending:
+- 'always' will always confirm before sending
+- 'never' will never confirm before sending
+- 'cc' will confirm before sending when send-email has automatically
+ added addresses from the patch to the Cc list
+- 'compose' will confirm before sending the first message when using --compose.
+- 'auto' is equivalent to 'cc' + 'compose'
+Default is the value of 'sendemail.confirm' configuration value; if that
+is unspecified, default to 'auto' unless any of the suppress options
+have been specified, in which case default to 'compose'.
Do everything except actually send the emails.
@@ -242,6 +258,11 @@ sendemail.multiedit::
summary when '--compose' is used). If false, files will be edited one
after the other, spawning a new editor each time.
+ Sets the default for whether to confirm before sending. Must be
+ one of 'always', 'never', 'cc', 'compose', or 'auto'. See '--confirm'
+ in the previous section for the meaning of these values.