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git send-email: ask less questions when --compose is used.
When --compose is used, we can grab the From/Subject/In-Reply-To from the edited summary, let it be so and don't ask the user silly questions. The summary templates gets quite revamped, and includes the list of patches subjects that are going to be sent with this batch. When having a body full of empty lines, the summary isn't sent. Document that in the git-send-email manpage fully. Note: It doesn't deal with To/Cc/Bcc yet. Signed-off-by: Pierre Habouzit <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -45,6 +45,15 @@ The --cc option must be repeated for each user you want on the cc list.
Use $GIT_EDITOR, core.editor, $VISUAL, or $EDITOR to edit an
introductory message for the patch series.
+When compose is in used, git send-email gets less interactive will use the
+values of the headers you set there. If the body of the email (what you type
+after the headers and a blank line) only contains blank (or GIT: prefixed)
+lines, the summary won't be sent, but git-send-email will still use the
+Headers values if you don't removed them.
+If it wasn't able to see a header in the summary it will ask you about it
+interactively after quitting your editor.
Specify the sender of the emails. This will default to