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Improve the safety check used in fetch.c
The recent safety check to trust only the commits we have made things impossibly slow and turn out to waste a lot of memory. This commit fixes it with the following improvements: - mark already scanned objects and avoid rescanning the same object again; - free the tree entries when we have scanned the tree entries; this is the same as b0d8923ec01fd91b75ab079034f89ced91500157 which reduced memory usage by rev-list; - plug memory leak from the object_list dequeuing code; - use the process_queue not just for fetching but for scanning, to make things tail recursive to avoid deep recursion; the deep recursion was especially prominent when we cloned a big pack. - avoid has_sha1_file() call when we already know we do not have that object. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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