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rev-list: add bitmap mode to speed up object lists
The bitmap reachability index used to speed up the counting objects phase during `pack-objects` can also be used to optimize a normal rev-list if the only thing required are the SHA1s of the objects during the list (i.e., not the path names at which trees and blobs were found). Calling `git rev-list --objects --use-bitmap-index [committish]` will perform an object iteration based on a bitmap result instead of actually walking the object graph. These are some example timings for `torvalds/linux` (warm cache, best-of-five): $ time git rev-list --objects master > /dev/null real 0m34.191s user 0m33.904s sys 0m0.268s $ time git rev-list --objects --use-bitmap-index master > /dev/null real 0m1.041s user 0m0.976s sys 0m0.064s Likewise, using `git rev-list --count --use-bitmap-index` will speed up the counting operation by building the resulting bitmap and performing a fast popcount (number of bits set on the bitmap) on the result. Here are some sample timings of different ways to count commits in `torvalds/linux`: $ time git rev-list master | wc -l 399882 real 0m6.524s user 0m6.060s sys 0m3.284s $ time git rev-list --count master 399882 real 0m4.318s user 0m4.236s sys 0m0.076s $ time git rev-list --use-bitmap-index --count master 399882 real 0m0.217s user 0m0.176s sys 0m0.040s This also respects negative refs, so you can use it to count a slice of history: $ time git rev-list --count v3.0..master 144843 real 0m1.971s user 0m1.932s sys 0m0.036s $ time git rev-list --use-bitmap-index --count v3.0..master real 0m0.280s user 0m0.220s sys 0m0.056s Though note that the closer the endpoints, the less it helps. In the traversal case, we have fewer commits to cross, so we take less time. But the bitmap time is dominated by generating the pack revindex, which is constant with respect to the refs given. Note that you cannot yet get a fast --left-right count of a symmetric difference (e.g., "--count --left-right master...topic"). The slow part of that walk actually happens during the merge-base determination when we parse "master...topic". Even though a count does not actually need to know the real merge base (it only needs to take the symmetric difference of the bitmaps), the revision code would require some refactoring to handle this case. Additionally, a `--test-bitmap` flag has been added that will perform the same rev-list manually (i.e. using a normal revwalk) and using bitmaps, and verify that the results are the same. This can be used to exercise the bitmap code, and also to verify that the contents of the .bitmap file are sane. Signed-off-by: Vicent Marti <> Signed-off-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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