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@@ -190,6 +190,21 @@ limiting may be applied.
In addition to the '<commit>' listed on the command
line, read them from the standard input.
+ Instead of walking the commit ancestry chain, walk
+ reflog entries from the most recent one to older ones.
+ When this option is used you cannot specify commits to
+ exclude (that is, '{caret}commit', 'commit1..commit2',
+ nor 'commit1...commit2' notations cannot be used).
+With '\--pretty' format other than oneline (for obvious reasons),
+this causes the output to have two extra lines of information
+taken from the reflog. By default, 'commit@{Nth}' notation is
+used in the output. When the starting commit is specified as
+'commit@{now}', output also uses 'commit@{timestamp}' notation
After a failed merge, show refs that touch files having a