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Using '{caret}' inside double quotes and immediately following with a single quoted word does not create the desired output: '<commit1>' appears verbatim instead of being emphasized. Use a litteral caret ('^') instead. Also, remove the leading tabs in shell examples to bring them more in line with the rest of the documentation. Signed-off-by: Philippe Blain <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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Thus, the following command:
- $ git rev-list foo bar ^baz
+$ git rev-list foo bar ^baz
means "list all the commits which are reachable from 'foo' or 'bar', but
not from 'baz'".
A special notation "'<commit1>'..'<commit2>'" can be used as a
-short-hand for "{caret}'<commit1>' '<commit2>'". For example, either of
+short-hand for "^'<commit1>' '<commit2>'". For example, either of
the following may be used interchangeably:
- $ git rev-list origin..HEAD
- $ git rev-list HEAD ^origin
+$ git rev-list origin..HEAD
+$ git rev-list HEAD ^origin
Another special notation is "'<commit1>'...'<commit2>'" which is useful
@@ -49,8 +49,8 @@ for merges. The resulting set of commits is the symmetric difference
between the two operands. The following two commands are equivalent:
- $ git rev-list A B --not $(git merge-base --all A B)
- $ git rev-list A...B
+$ git rev-list A B --not $(git merge-base --all A B)
+$ git rev-list A...B
'rev-list' is a very essential Git command, since it