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rev-list documentation: add "--bisect-all".
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@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ SYNOPSIS
[ \--pretty | \--header ]
[ \--bisect ]
[ \--bisect-vars ]
+ [ \--bisect-all ]
[ \--merge ]
[ \--reverse ]
[ \--walk-reflogs ]
@@ -354,6 +355,21 @@ the expected number of commits to be tested if `bisect_rev`
turns out to be bad to `bisect_bad`, and the number of commits
we are bisecting right now to `bisect_all`.
+This outputs all the commit objects between the included and excluded
+commits, ordered by their distance to the included and excluded
+commits. The farthest from them is displayed first. (This is the only
+one displayed by `--bisect`.)
+This is useful because it makes it easy to choose a good commit to
+test when you want to avoid to test some of them for some reason (they
+may not compile for example).
+This option can be used along with `--bisect-vars`, in this case,
+after all the sorted commit objects, there will be the same text as if
+`--bisect-vars` had been used alone.
Commit Ordering