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Documentation: do not treat reset --keep as a special case
The current treatment of "git reset --keep" emphasizes how it differs from --hard (treatment of local changes) and how it breaks down into plumbing (git read-tree -m -u HEAD <commit> followed by git update-ref HEAD <commit>). This can discourage people from using it, since it might seem to be a complex or niche option. Better to emphasize what the --keep flag is intended for --- moving the index and worktree from one commit to another, like "git checkout" would --- so the reader can make a more informed decision about the appropriate situations in which to use it. Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -76,15 +76,10 @@ In other words, --merge does something like a 'git read-tree -u -m <commit>',
but carries forward unmerged index entries.
- Resets the index, updates files in the working tree that are
- different between <commit> and HEAD, but keeps those
- which are different between HEAD and the working tree (i.e.
- which have local changes).
+ Resets index entries and updates files in the working tree that are
+ different between <commit> and HEAD.
If a file that is different between <commit> and HEAD has local changes,
reset is aborted.
-In other words, --keep does a 2-way merge between <commit> and HEAD followed by
-'git reset --mixed <commit>'.
If you want to undo a commit other than the latest on a branch,