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Merge branch 'tb/geometric-repack'
"git repack" so far has been only capable of repacking everything under the sun into a single pack (or split by size). A cleverer strategy to reduce the cost of repacking a repository has been introduced. * tb/geometric-repack: builtin/pack-objects.c: ignore missing links with --stdin-packs builtin/repack.c: reword comment around pack-objects flags builtin/repack.c: be more conservative with unsigned overflows builtin/repack.c: assign pack split later t7703: test --geometric repack with loose objects builtin/repack.c: do not repack single packs with --geometric builtin/repack.c: add '--geometric' option packfile: add kept-pack cache for find_kept_pack_entry() builtin/pack-objects.c: rewrite honor-pack-keep logic p5303: measure time to repack with keep p5303: add missing &&-chains builtin/pack-objects.c: add '--stdin-packs' option revision: learn '--no-kept-objects' packfile: introduce 'find_kept_pack_entry()'
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Pass the `--delta-islands` option to `git-pack-objects`, see
+ Arrange resulting pack structure so that each successive pack
+ contains at least `<factor>` times the number of objects as the
+ next-largest pack.
+`git repack` ensures this by determining a "cut" of packfiles that need
+to be repacked into one in order to ensure a geometric progression. It
+picks the smallest set of packfiles such that as many of the larger
+packfiles (by count of objects contained in that pack) may be left
+Unlike other repack modes, the set of objects to pack is determined
+uniquely by the set of packs being "rolled-up"; in other words, the
+packs determined to need to be combined in order to restore a geometric
+When `--unpacked` is specified, loose objects are implicitly included in
+this "roll-up", without respect to their reachability. This is subject
+to change in the future. This option (implying a drastically different
+repack mode) is not guaranteed to work with all other combinations of
+option to `git repack`).