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* maint: Correct the name of NO_R_TO_GCC_LINKER in the comment describing it. git-remote: document -n repack: improve documentation on -a option
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@@ -49,6 +49,9 @@ branch the `HEAD` at the remote repository actually points at.
Gives some information about the remote <name>.
+With `-n` option, the remote heads are not queried first with
+`git ls-remote <name>`; cached information is used instead.
@@ -56,6 +59,10 @@ Deletes all stale tracking branches under <name>.
These stale branches have already been removed from the remote repository
referenced by <name>, but are still locally available in
+With `-n` option, the remote heads are not confirmed first with `git
+ls-remote <name>`; cached information is used instead. Use with