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@@ -32,6 +32,19 @@ subcommands are available to perform operations on the remotes.
Adds a remote named <name> for the repository at
<url>. The command `git fetch <name>` can then be used to create and
update remote-tracking branches <name>/<branch>.
+With `-f` option, `git fetch <name>` is run immediately after
+the remote information is set up.
+With `-t <branch>` option, instead of the default glob
+refspec for the remote to track all branches under
+`$GIT_DIR/remotes/<name>/`, a refspec to track only `<branch>`
+is created. You can give more than one `-t <branch>` to track
+multiple branche without grabbing all branches.
+With `-m <master>` option, `$GIT_DIR/remotes/<name>/HEAD` is set
+up to point at remote's `<master>` branch instead of whatever
+branch the `HEAD` at the remote repository actually points at.