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authorJosef Weidendorfer <>2005-07-31 19:17:43 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2005-08-01 06:30:59 (GMT)
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[PATCH] Added hook in git-receive-pack
Just before updating a ref, $GIT_DIR/hooks/update refname old-sha1 new-sha1 is called if executable. The hook can decline the ref to be updated by exiting with a non-zero status, or allow it to be updated by exiting with a zero status. The mechanism also allows e.g sending of a mail with pushed commits on the remote repository. Documentation update with an example hook is included. jc: The credits of the basic idea and initial implementation go to Josef, but I ended up rewriting major parts of his patch, so bugs are all mine. Also I changed the semantics for the hook from his original version (which were post-update hook) so that the hook can optionally decline to update the ref, and also can be used to implement the overall cleanups. The latter was primarily to implement a suggestion from Linus that calling update-server-info should be made optional. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -22,6 +22,55 @@ program pair is meant to be used to push updates to remote
repository. For pull operations, see 'git-fetch-pack' and
+The command allows for creation and fast forwarding of sha1 refs
+(heads/tags) on the remote end (strictly speaking, it is the
+local end receive-pack runs, but to the user who is sitting at
+the send-pack end, it is updating the remote. Confused?)
+Before each ref is updated, if $GIT_DIR/hooks/update file exists
+and executable, it is called with three parameters:
+ $GIT_DIR/hooks/update refname sha1-old sha1-new
+The refname parameter is relative to $GIT_DIR; e.g. for the
+master head this is "refs/heads/master". Two sha1 are the
+object names for the refname before and after the update. Note
+that the hook is called before the refname is updated, so either
+sha1-old is 0{40} (meaning there is no such ref yet), or it
+should match what is recorded in refname.
+The hook should exit with non-zero status if it wants to
+disallow updating the named ref. Otherwise it should exit with
+The same hook is also called with an empty string as refname and
+no other arguments just before git-receive-pack exits. This can
+be used to implement repository wide cleanup task if needed.
+The exit code from this hook invocation is ignored; the only
+thing left for git-receive-pack to do at that point is to exit
+itself anyway.
+Using this hook, it is easy to generate mails on updates to
+the local repository. This example script sends a mail with
+the commits pushed to the repository:
+ #!/bin/sh
+ case "$#,$1" in
+ 1,) # help packed repository pulled via dumb protocol.
+ git-update-server-info
+ ;;
+ *) # mail out commit update information.
+ if expr "$2" : '0*$' >/dev/null
+ then
+ echo "Created now ref."
+ git-rev-list --pretty "$2"
+ else
+ echo "New commits"
+ git-rev-list --pretty "$3" "^$2"
+ fi |
+ mail -s "Changes to ref $1" commit-list@mydomain
+ esac
+ exit 0