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Merge branch 'dl/merge-autostash'
"git merge" learns the "--autostash" option. * dl/merge-autostash: (22 commits) pull: pass --autostash to merge t5520: make test_pull_autostash() accept expect_parent_num merge: teach --autostash option sequencer: implement apply_autostash_oid() sequencer: implement save_autostash() sequencer: unlink autostash in apply_autostash() sequencer: extract perform_autostash() from rebase rebase: generify create_autostash() rebase: extract create_autostash() reset: extract reset_head() from rebase rebase: generify reset_head() rebase: use apply_autostash() from sequencer.c sequencer: rename stash_sha1 to stash_oid sequencer: make apply_autostash() accept a path rebase: use read_oneliner() sequencer: make read_oneliner() extern sequencer: configurably warn on non-existent files sequencer: make read_oneliner() accept flags sequencer: make file exists check more efficient sequencer: stop leaking buf ...
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@@ -134,15 +134,6 @@ unless you have read linkgit:git-rebase[1] carefully.
Override earlier --rebase.
- Before starting rebase, stash local modifications away (see
- linkgit:git-stash[1]) if needed, and apply the stash entry when
- done. `--no-autostash` is useful to override the `rebase.autoStash`
- configuration variable (see linkgit:git-config[1]).
-This option is only valid when "--rebase" is used.
Options related to fetching