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- This can only resolve two heads (i.e. the current branch
- and another branch you pulled from) using 3-way merge
- algorithm. It tries to carefully detect criss-cross
- merge ambiguities and is considered generally safe and
- fast. This is the default merge strategy when pulling
- one branch.
- This can only resolve two heads using 3-way merge
- algorithm. When there are more than one common
- ancestors that can be used for 3-way merge, it creates a
- merged tree of the common ancestores and uses that as
- the reference tree for the 3-way merge. This has been
- reported to result in fewer merge conflicts without
- causing mis-merges by tests done on actual merge commits
- taken from Linux 2.6 kernel development history.
- Additionally this can detect and handle merges involving
- renames.
- This resolves more than two-head case, but refuses to do
- complex merge that needs manual resolution. It is
- primarily meant to be used for bundling topic branch
- heads together. This is the default merge strategy when
- pulling more than one branch.
- This resolves any number of heads, but the result of the
- merge is always the current branch head. It is meant to
- be used to supersede old development history of side
- branches.