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Documentation: update git-pull.txt for new clone behavior
Update examples, stop using branch named "origin" as an example. Remove large example of use of remotes; that particular case is nicely automated by default, so it's not so pressing to explain, and we can refer to git-repo-config for the details. Signed-off-by: "J. Bruce Fields" <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -37,17 +37,27 @@ EXAMPLES
git pull, git pull origin::
- Fetch the default head from the repository you cloned
- from and merge it into your current branch.
-git pull -s ours . obsolete::
- Merge local branch `obsolete` into the current branch,
- using `ours` merge strategy.
+ Update the remote-tracking branches for the repository
+ you cloned from, then merge one of them into your
+ current branch. Normally the branch merged in is
+ the HEAD of the remote repository, but the choice is
+ determined by the branch.<name>.remote and
+ branch.<name>.merge options; see gitlink:git-repo-config[1]
+ for details.
+git pull origin next::
+ Merge into the current branch the remote branch `next`;
+ leaves a copy of `next` temporarily in FETCH_HEAD, but
+ does not update any remote-tracking branches.
git pull . fixes enhancements::
Bundle local branch `fixes` and `enhancements` on top of
the current branch, making an Octopus merge.
+git pull -s ours . obsolete::
+ Merge local branch `obsolete` into the current branch,
+ using `ours` merge strategy.
git pull --no-commit . maint::
Merge local branch `maint` into the current branch, but
do not make a commit automatically. This can be used
@@ -61,48 +71,19 @@ release/version name would be acceptable.
Command line pull of multiple branches from one repository::
-$ cat .git/remotes/origin
-URL: git://
-Pull: master:origin
$ git checkout master
-$ git fetch origin master:origin +pu:pu maint:maint
-$ git pull . origin
+$ git fetch origin +pu:pu maint:tmp
+$ git pull . tmp
-Here, a typical `.git/remotes/origin` file from a
-`git-clone` operation is used in combination with
-command line options to `git-fetch` to first update
-multiple branches of the local repository and then
-to merge the remote `origin` branch into the local
-`master` branch. The local `pu` branch is updated
-even if it does not result in a fast forward update.
-Here, the pull can obtain its objects from the local
-repository using `.`, as the previous `git-fetch` is
-known to have already obtained and made available
-all the necessary objects.
-Pull of multiple branches from one repository using `.git/remotes` file::
+This updates (or creates, as necessary) branches `pu` and `tmp`
+in the local repository by fetching from the branches
+(respectively) `pu` and `maint` from the remote repository.
-$ cat .git/remotes/origin
-URL: git://
-Pull: master:origin
-Pull: +pu:pu
-Pull: maint:maint
-$ git checkout master
-$ git pull origin
+The `pu` branch will be updated even if it is does not
+fast-forward; the others will not be.
-Here, a typical `.git/remotes/origin` file from a
-`git-clone` operation has been hand-modified to include
-the branch-mapping of additional remote and local
-heads directly. A single `git-pull` operation while
-in the `master` branch will fetch multiple heads and
-merge the remote `origin` head into the current,
-local `master` branch.
+The final command then merges the newly fetched `tmp` into master.
If you tried a pull which resulted in a complex conflicts and
@@ -112,7 +93,7 @@ gitlink:git-reset[1].
-gitlink:git-fetch[1], gitlink:git-merge[1]
+gitlink:git-fetch[1], gitlink:git-merge[1], gitlink:git-repo-config[1]