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Merge branch 'np/delta'
* np/delta: builtin-pack-objects.c: avoid bogus gcc warnings threaded delta search: proper locking for cache accounting threaded delta search: add pack.threads config variable fix threaded delta search locking threaded delta search: specify number of threads at run time threaded delta search: better chunck split point threaded delta search: refine work allocation basic threaded delta search rearrange delta search progress reporting localize window memory usage accounting straighten the list of objects to deltify
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@@ -169,6 +169,14 @@ base-name::
length, this option typically shrinks the resulting
packfile by 3-5 per-cent.
+ Specifies the number of threads to spawn when searching for best
+ delta matches. This requires that pack-objects be compiled with
+ pthreads otherwise this option is ignored with a warning.
+ This is meant to reduce packing time on multiprocessor machines.
+ The required amount of memory for the delta search window is
+ however multiplied by the number of threads.
This is intended to be used by the test suite only. It allows
to force the version for the generated pack index, and to force