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-git-notes - Add/inspect commit notes
-'git-notes' (edit | show) [commit]
-This command allows you to add notes to commit messages, without
-changing the commit. To discern these notes from the message stored
-in the commit object, the notes are indented like the message, after
-an unindented line saying "Notes:".
-To disable commit notes, you have to set the config variable
-core.notesRef to the empty string. Alternatively, you can set it
-to a different ref, something like "refs/notes/bugzilla". This setting
-can be overridden by the environment variable "GIT_NOTES_REF".
- Edit the notes for a given commit (defaults to HEAD).
- Show the notes for a given commit (defaults to HEAD).
-Written by Johannes Schindelin <>
-Documentation by Johannes Schindelin
-Part of the gitlink:git[7] suite