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Documentation: quote double-dash for AsciiDoc
AsciiDoc versions since 5.0.6 treat a double-dash surrounded by spaces (outside of verbatim environments) as a request to insert an em dash. Such versions also treat the three-character sequence "\--", when not followed by another dash, as a request to insert two literal minus signs. Thus from time to time there have been patches to add backslashes to AsciiDoc markup to escape double-dashes that are meant to be represent '--' characters used literally on the command line; see v1.4.0-rc1~174, Fix up docs where "--" isn't displayed correctly, 2006-05-05, for example. AsciiDoc 6.0.3 (2005-04-20) made life harder by also treating double-dashes without surrounding whitespace as markup for an em dash, though only when formatting for backends other than the manpages (e.g., HTML). Many pages needed to be changed to use a backslash before the "--" in names of command-line flags like "--add" (see v0.99.6~37, Update tutorial, 2005-08-30). AsciiDoc 8.3.0 (2008-11-29) refined the em-dash rule to avoid that requirement. Double-dashes without surrounding spaces are not rendered as em dashes any more unless bordered on both sides by alphanumeric characters. The unescaped markup for option names (e.g., "--add") works fine, and many instances of this style have leaked into Documentation/; git's HTML documentation contains many spurious em dashes when formatted by an older toolchain. (This patch will not change that.) The upshot: "--" as an isolated word and in phrases like "git web--browse" must be escaped if it is not to be rendered as an em dash by current asciidoc. Use "\--" to avoid such misformatting in sentences in which "--" represents a literal double-minus command line argument that separates options and revs from pathspecs, and use "{litdd}" in cases where the double-dash is embedded in the command name. The latter is just for consistency with v1.7.3-rc0~13^2 (Work around em-dash handling in newer AsciiDoc, 2010-08-23). List of lines to fix found by grepping manpages for "(em". Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <> Improved-by: Junio C Hamano <> Improved-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ git-mergetool--lib - Common git merge tool shell scriptlets
-'TOOL_MODE=(diff|merge) . "$(git --exec-path)/git-mergetool--lib"'
+'TOOL_MODE=(diff|merge) . "$(git --exec-path)/git-mergetool{litdd}lib"'