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Older versions of AsciiDoc used to literally pass double dashes when we used them in our linkgit macros and manpage titles, but newer ones (the issue was first reported with AsciiDoc 8.5.2) turn them into em dashes. Define litdd (literal double-dash) custom attribute in asciidoc.conf to work this around. While we are at it, fix a few double-dashes (e.g. the description of "project--devo--version" convention used by tla, among other things) that used to be incorrectly written as em dashes in the body text to also use this attribute. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -16,11 +16,11 @@ This is not a command the end user would want to run. Ever.
This documentation is meant for people who are studying the
Porcelain-ish scripts and/or are writing new ones.
-The 'git-mergetool--lib' scriptlet is designed to be sourced (using
+The 'git-mergetool{litdd}lib' scriptlet is designed to be sourced (using
`.`) by other shell scripts to set up functions for working
with git merge tools.
-Before sourcing 'git-mergetool--lib', your script must set `TOOL_MODE`
+Before sourcing 'git-mergetool{litdd}lib', your script must set `TOOL_MODE`
to define the operation mode for the functions listed below.
'diff' and 'merge' are valid values.