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Merge branch 'en/dirty-merge-fixes'
The recursive merge strategy did not properly ensure there was no change between HEAD and the index before performing its operation, which has been corrected. * en/dirty-merge-fixes: merge: fix misleading pre-merge check documentation merge-recursive: enforce rule that index matches head before merging t6044: add more testcases with staged changes before a merge is invoked merge-recursive: fix assumption that head tree being merged is HEAD merge-recursive: make sure when we say we abort that we actually abort t6044: add a testcase for index matching head, when head doesn't match HEAD t6044: verify that merges expected to abort actually abort index_has_changes(): avoid assuming operating on the_index read-cache.c: move index_has_changes() from merge.c
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To avoid recording unrelated changes in the merge commit,
'git pull' and 'git merge' will also abort if there are any changes
-registered in the index relative to the `HEAD` commit. (One
-exception is when the changed index entries are in the state that
-would result from the merge already.)
+registered in the index relative to the `HEAD` commit. (Special
+narrow exceptions to this rule may exist depending on which merge
+strategy is in use, but generally, the index must match HEAD.)
If all named commits are already ancestors of `HEAD`, 'git merge'
will exit early with the message "Already up to date."