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Merge branch 'jc/merge'
"git merge FETCH_HEAD" learned that the previous "git fetch" could be to create an Octopus merge, i.e. recording multiple branches that are not marked as "not-for-merge"; this allows us to lose an old style invocation "git merge <msg> HEAD $commits..." in the implementation of "git pull" script; the old style syntax can now be deprecated. * jc/merge: merge: deprecate 'git merge <message> HEAD <commit>' syntax merge: handle FETCH_HEAD internally merge: decide if we auto-generate the message early in collect_parents() merge: make collect_parents() auto-generate the merge message merge: extract prepare_merge_message() logic out merge: narrow scope of merge_names merge: split reduce_parents() out of collect_parents() merge: clarify collect_parents() logic merge: small leakfix and code simplification merge: do not check argc to determine number of remote heads merge: clarify "pulling into void" special case t5520: test pulling an octopus into an unborn branch t5520: style fixes merge: simplify code flow merge: test the top-level merge driver
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@@ -104,6 +104,10 @@ commit or stash your changes before running 'git merge'.
If no commit is given from the command line, merge the remote-tracking
branches that the current branch is configured to use as its upstream.
See also the configuration section of this manual page.
+When `FETCH_HEAD` (and no other commit) is specified, the branches
+recorded in the `.git/FETCH_HEAD` file by the previous invocation
+of `git fetch` for merging are merged to the current branch.