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Merge branch 'maint' into HEAD
* maint: Update GIT Release Notes Make 3-way merge strategies work for -p. Don't pass a strategy to git-cherry-pick. Fix --strategy parsing in Make merge-recursive honor diff.renamelimit cherry-pick/revert: more compact user direction message core-tutorial: Use new syntax for git-merge. git-merge: document but discourage the historical syntax Prevent send-pack from segfaulting (backport from 'master') Documentation/git-cvsexportcommit.txt: s/mgs/msg/ in example Conflicts:
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@@ -11,26 +11,27 @@ SYNOPSIS
'git-merge' [-n] [--summary] [--no-commit] [--squash] [-s <strategy>]...
[-m <msg>] <remote> <remote>...
+'git-merge' <msg> HEAD <remote>...
This is the top-level interface to the merge machinery
which drives multiple merge strategy scripts.
+The second syntax (<msg> `HEAD` <remote>) is supported for
+historical reasons. Do not use it from the command line or in
+new scripts. It is the same as `git merge -m <msg> <remote>`.
+-m <msg>::
The commit message to be used for the merge commit (in case
it is created). The `git-fmt-merge-msg` script can be used
to give a good default for automated `git-merge` invocations.
- Our branch head commit. This has to be `HEAD`, so new
- syntax does not require it
Other branch head merged into our branch. You need at
least one <remote>. Specifying more than one <remote>