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Merge branch 'mg/killed-merge'
Killing "git merge --edit" before the editor returns control left the repository in a state with MERGE_MSG but without MERGE_HEAD, which incorrectly tells the subsequent "git commit" that there was a squash merge in progress. This has been fixed. * mg/killed-merge: merge: save merge state earlier merge: split write_merge_state in two merge: clarify call chain Documentation/git-merge: explain --continue
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@@ -288,7 +288,10 @@ After seeing a conflict, you can do two things:
* Resolve the conflicts. Git will mark the conflicts in
the working tree. Edit the files into shape and
- 'git add' them to the index. Use 'git commit' to seal the deal.
+ 'git add' them to the index. Use 'git commit' or
+ 'git merge --continue' to seal the deal. The latter command
+ checks whether there is a (interrupted) merge in progress
+ before calling 'git commit'.
You can work through the conflict with a number of tools: