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Merge branch 'bw/server-options'
The transport protocol v2 is getting updated further. * bw/server-options: fetch: send server options when using protocol v2 ls-remote: send server options when using protocol v2 serve: introduce the server-option capability
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themselves will not work for refs whose objects have not yet been
fetched from the remote, and will give a `missing object` error.
+-o <option>::
+ Transmit the given string to the server when communicating using
+ protocol version 2. The given string must not contain a NUL or LF
+ character.
+ When multiple `--server-option=<option>` are given, they are all
+ sent to the other side in the order listed on the command line.
The "remote" repository to query. This parameter can be
either a URL or the name of a remote (see the GIT URLS and