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doc: technical details about the index file format
* Clarify "string of unsigned bytes"; * Blob has two variants (regular file vs symlink), not (blob vs symlink); * Clarify permission mode bits; * Clarify ce_namelen() "too long to fit in the length field" case; * Clarify "." etc are forbidden as path components; * Match the description with the internal wording "cache-tree"; * All types of extension begin with signature and length as explained in the first part. Don't repeat the "length" part in the description of each extension (can be mistaken as if there is a separate 32-bit size field inside the extension), but state what the signature for each extension is. * Don't say "Extension tag", as we have said "Extension signature" in the first part---be consistent; * Clarify the invalidation of cache-tree entries; * Correct description on subtree_nr field in the cache-tree; * Clarify the order of entries in cache-tree; Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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