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The web browser can be specified using the configuration variable
'help.browser', or 'web.browser' if the former is not set. If none of
-these config variables is set, the 'git-help--browse' helper script
+these config variables is set, the 'git-web--browse' helper script
(called by 'git-help') will pick a suitable default.
You can explicitly provide a full path to your preferred browser by
setting the configuration variable 'browser.<tool>.path'. For example,
you can configure the absolute path to firefox by setting
-'browser.firefox.path'. Otherwise, 'git-help--browse' assumes the tool
+'browser.firefox.path'. Otherwise, 'git-web--browse' assumes the tool
is available in PATH.
Note that the script tries, as much as possible, to display the HTML
page in a new tab on an already opened browser.
-The following browsers are currently supported by 'git-help--browse':
+The following browsers are currently supported by 'git-web--browse':
* firefox (this is the default under X Window when not using KDE)
* iceweasel