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Format tweaks for asciidoc.
Some documentation "options" were followed by independent preformatted paragraphs. Now they are associated plain text paragraphs. The difference is clear in the generated html. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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Either an option to pass to `grep` or `git-ls-files`.
- The following are the specific `git-ls-files` options
- that may be given: `-o`, `--cached`, `--deleted`, `--others`,
- `--killed`, `--ignored`, `--modified`, `--exclude=*`,
- `--exclude-from=*`, and `--exclude-per-directory=*`.
- All other options will be passed to `grep`.
+The following are the specific `git-ls-files` options
+that may be given: `-o`, `--cached`, `--deleted`, `--others`,
+`--killed`, `--ignored`, `--modified`, `--exclude=\*`,
+`--exclude-from=\*`, and `--exclude-per-directory=\*`.
+All other options will be passed to `grep`.
The pattern to look for. The first non option is taken