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Documentation/git-gc: improve description of --auto
This patch tries to make the description of --auto a little more clear for new users, especially those referred by the "git-gc --auto" notification message. It also cleans up some grammatical errors and typos in the original description, as well as rewording for clarity. Signed-off-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
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few hundred changesets or so.
- With this option, `git gc` checks if there are too many
- loose objects in the repository and runs
- gitlink:git-repack[1] with `-d -l` option to pack them.
- The threshold for loose objects is set with `` configuration
- variable, and can be disabled by setting it to 0. Some
- Porcelain commands use this after they perform operation
- that could create many loose objects automatically.
- Additionally, when there are too many packs are present,
- they are consolidated into one larger pack by running
- the `git-repack` command with `-A` option. The
- threshold for number of packs is set with
- `gc.autopacklimit` configuration variable.
+ With this option, `git gc` checks whether any housekeeping is
+ required; if not, it exits without performing any work.
+ Some git commands run `git gc --auto` after performing
+ operations that could create many loose objects.
+Housekeeping is required if there are too many loose objects or
+too many packs in the repository. If the number of loose objects
+exceeds the value of the `` configuration variable, then
+all loose objects are combined into a single pack using
+`git-repack -d -l`. Setting the value of `` to 0
+disables automatic packing of loose objects.
+If the number of packs exceeds the value of `gc.autopacklimit`,
+then existing packs (except those marked with a `.keep` file)
+are consolidated into a single pack by using the `-A` option of
+`git-repack`. Setting `gc.autopacklimit` to 0 disables
+automatic consolidation of packs.