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gc docs: include the "gc.*" section from "config" in "gc"
Rather than duplicating the documentation for the various "gc" options let's include the "gc" docs from git-config. They were mostly better already, and now we don't have the same docs in two places with subtly different wording. In the cases where the git-gc(1) docs were saying something the "gc" docs in git-config(1) didn't cover move the relevant section over to the git-config(1) docs. Signed-off-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -45,28 +45,12 @@ OPTIONS
With this option, 'git gc' checks whether any housekeeping is
required; if not, it exits without performing any work.
- Some git commands run `git gc --auto` after performing
- operations that could create many loose objects. Housekeeping
- is required if there are too many loose objects or too many
- packs in the repository.
-If the number of loose objects exceeds the value of the ``
-configuration variable, then all loose objects are combined into a
-single pack. Setting the value of ``
-to 0 disables automatic packing of loose objects.
+See the `` option in the "CONFIGURATION" section below for how
+this heuristic works.
-If the number of packs exceeds the value of `gc.autoPackLimit`,
-then existing packs (except those marked with a `.keep` file
-or over `gc.bigPackThreshold` limit)
-are consolidated into a single pack.
-If the amount of memory estimated for `git repack` to run smoothly is
-not available and `gc.bigPackThreshold` is not set, the largest
-pack will also be excluded (this is the equivalent of running `git gc`
-with `--keep-base-pack`).
-Setting `gc.autoPackLimit` to 0 disables automatic consolidation of
-If houskeeping is required due to many loose objects or packs, all
+Once housekeeping is triggered by exceeding the limits of
+configuration options such as `` and `gc.autoPackLimit`, all
other housekeeping tasks (e.g. rerere, working trees, reflog...) will
be performed as well.
@@ -97,66 +81,10 @@ be performed as well.
-The optional configuration variable `gc.reflogExpire` can be
-set to indicate how long historical entries within each branch's
-reflog should remain available in this repository. The setting is
-expressed as a length of time, for example '90 days' or '3 months'.
-It defaults to '90 days'.
-The optional configuration variable `gc.reflogExpireUnreachable`
-can be set to indicate how long historical reflog entries which
-are not part of the current branch should remain available in
-this repository. These types of entries are generally created as
-a result of using `git commit --amend` or `git rebase` and are the
-commits prior to the amend or rebase occurring. Since these changes
-are not part of the current project most users will want to expire
-them sooner. This option defaults to '30 days'.
-The above two configuration variables can be given to a pattern. For
-example, this sets non-default expiry values only to remote-tracking
-[gc "refs/remotes/*"]
- reflogExpire = never
- reflogExpireUnreachable = 3 days
-The optional configuration variable `gc.rerereResolved` indicates
-how long records of conflicted merge you resolved earlier are
-kept. This defaults to 60 days.
-The optional configuration variable `gc.rerereUnresolved` indicates
-how long records of conflicted merge you have not resolved are
-kept. This defaults to 15 days.
-The optional configuration variable `gc.packRefs` determines if
-'git gc' runs 'git pack-refs'. This can be set to "notbare" to enable
-it within all non-bare repos or it can be set to a boolean value.
-This defaults to true.
-The optional configuration variable `gc.writeCommitGraph` determines if
-'git gc' should run 'git commit-graph write'. This can be set to a
-boolean value. This defaults to false.
-The optional configuration variable `gc.aggressiveWindow` controls how
-much time is spent optimizing the delta compression of the objects in
-the repository when the --aggressive option is specified. The larger
-the value, the more time is spent optimizing the delta compression. See
-the documentation for the --window option in linkgit:git-repack[1] for
-more details. This defaults to 250.
-Similarly, the optional configuration variable `gc.aggressiveDepth`
-controls --depth option in linkgit:git-repack[1]. This defaults to 50.
-The optional configuration variable `gc.pruneExpire` controls how old
-the unreferenced loose objects have to be before they are pruned. The
-default is "2 weeks ago".
-Optional configuration variable `gc.worktreePruneExpire` controls how
-old a stale working tree should be before `git worktree prune` deletes
-it. Default is "3 months ago".
+The below documentation is the same as what's found in