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Create 'git gc' to perform common maintenance operations.
Junio asked for a 'git gc' utility which users can execute on a regular basis to perform basic repository actions such as: * pack-refs --prune * reflog expire * repack -a -d * prune * rerere gc So here is a command which does exactly that. The parameters fed to reflog's expire subcommand can be chosen by the user by setting configuration options in .git/config (or ~/.gitconfig), as users may want different expiration windows for each repository but shouldn't be bothered to remember what they are all of the time. Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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+git-gc - Cleanup unnecessary files and optimize the local repository
+Runs a number of housekeeping tasks within the current repository,
+such as compressing file revisions (to reduce disk space and increase
+performance) and removing unreachable objects which may have been
+created from prior invocations of gitlink:git-add[1].
+Users are encouraged to run this task on a regular basis within
+each repository to maintain good disk space utilization and good
+operating performance.
+The optional configuration variable 'gc.reflogExpire' can be
+set to indicate how long historical entries within each branch's
+reflog should remain available in this repository. The setting is
+expressed as a length of time, for example '90 days' or '3 months'.
+It defaults to '90 days'.
+The optional configuration variable 'gc.reflogExpireUnreachable'
+can be set to indicate how long historical reflog entries which
+are not part of the current branch should remain available in
+this repository. These types of entries are generally created as
+a result of using `git commit \--amend` or `git rebase` and are the
+commits prior to the amend or rebase occuring. Since these changes
+are not part of the current project most users will want to expire
+them sooner. This option defaults to '30 days'.
+The optional configuration variable 'gc.rerereresolved' indicates
+how long records of conflicted merge you resolved earlier are
+kept. This defaults to 60 days.
+The optional configuration variable 'gc.rerereunresolved' indicates
+how long records of conflicted merge you have not resolved are
+kept. This defaults to 15 days.
+See Also
+Written by Shawn O. Pearce <>
+Part of the gitlink:git[7] suite