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Documentation: hints for sending patches inline with Thunderbird
The standard reference for this information is the article "Plain text e-mail - Thunderbird#Completely_plain_email" at, but the hints hidden away in git's SubmittingPatches file are more complete. Move them to the "git format-patch" manual so they can be installed with git and read by a wide audience. While at it, make some tweaks: - update "Approach #1" so it might work with Thunderbird 3; - remove ancient version numbers from the descriptions of both approaches so current readers might have more reason to complain if they don't work. Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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patch e-mail should come after the three-dash line that signals
the end of the commit message.
+Here are some hints on how to successfully submit patches inline using
+various mailers.
+By default, Thunderbird will both wrap emails as well as flag
+them as being 'format=flowed', both of which will make the
+resulting email unusable by git.
+There are two different approaches. One approach is to configure
+Thunderbird to not mangle patches. The second approach is to use
+an external editor to keep Thunderbird from mangling the patches.
+Approach #1 (configuration)
+Three steps:
+1. Configure your mail server composition as plain text:
+ Edit...Account Settings...Composition & Addressing,
+ uncheck "Compose Messages in HTML".
+2. Configure your general composition window to not wrap.
+In Thunderbird 2:
+Edit..Preferences..Composition, wrap plain text messages at 0
+In Thunderbird 3:
+Edit..Preferences..Advanced..Config Editor. Search for
+Toggle it to make sure it is set to `false`.
+3. Disable the use of format=flowed:
+Edit..Preferences..Advanced..Config Editor. Search for
+Toggle it to make sure it is set to `false`.
+After that is done, you should be able to compose email as you
+otherwise would (cut + paste, 'git format-patch' | 'git imap-send', etc),
+and the patches will not be mangled.
+Approach #2 (external editor)
+The following Thunderbird extensions are needed:
+AboutConfig from and
+External Editor from
+1. Prepare the patch as a text file using your method of choice.
+2. Before opening a compose window, use Edit->Account Settings to
+ uncheck the "Compose messages in HTML format" setting in the
+ "Composition & Addressing" panel of the account to be used to
+ send the patch.
+3. In the main Thunderbird window, 'before' you open the compose
+ window for the patch, use Tools->about:config to set the
+ following to the indicated values:
+ mailnews.send_plaintext_flowed => false
+ mailnews.wraplength => 0
+4. Open a compose window and click the external editor icon.
+5. In the external editor window, read in the patch file and exit
+ the editor normally.
+Side note: it may be possible to do step 2 with
+about:config and the following settings but no one's tried yet.
+ mail.html_compose => false
+ mail.identity.default.compose_html => false
+ => false
+There is a script in contrib/thunderbird-patch-inline which can help
+you include patches with Thunderbird in an easy way. To use it, do the
+steps above and then use the script as the external editor.