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Merge branch 'dl/format-patch-cover-from-desc'
The branch description ("git branch --edit-description") has been used to fill the body of the cover letters by the format-patch command; this has been enhanced so that the subject can also be filled. * dl/format-patch-cover-from-desc: format-patch: teach --cover-from-description option format-patch: use enum variables format-patch: replace erroneous and condition
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@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ SYNOPSIS
[--start-number <n>] [--numbered-files]
[--in-reply-to=<message id>] [--suffix=.<sfx>]
+ [--cover-from-description=<mode>]
[--rfc] [--subject-prefix=<subject prefix>]
[(--reroll-count|-v) <n>]
[--to=<email>] [--cc=<email>]
@@ -172,6 +173,26 @@ will want to ensure that threading is disabled for `git send-email`.
patches being generated, and any patch that matches is
+ Controls which parts of the cover letter will be automatically
+ populated using the branch's description.
+If `<mode>` is `message` or `default`, the cover letter subject will be
+populated with placeholder text. The body of the cover letter will be
+populated with the branch's description. This is the default mode when
+no configuration nor command line option is specified.
+If `<mode>` is `subject`, the first paragraph of the branch description will
+populate the cover letter subject. The remainder of the description will
+populate the body of the cover letter.
+If `<mode>` is `auto`, if the first paragraph of the branch description
+is greater than 100 bytes, then the mode will be `message`, otherwise
+`subject` will be used.
+If `<mode>` is `none`, both the cover letter subject and body will be
+populated with placeholder text.
--subject-prefix=<subject prefix>::
Instead of the standard '[PATCH]' prefix in the subject
line, instead use '[<subject prefix>]'. This
@@ -348,6 +369,7 @@ with configuration variables.
signOff = true
outputDirectory = <directory>
coverLetter = auto
+ coverFromDescription = auto