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@@ -213,12 +213,12 @@ and `date` to extract the named component.
The complete message in a commit and tag object is `contents`.
Its first line is `contents:subject`, where subject is the concatenation
of all lines of the commit message up to the first blank line. The next
-line is 'contents:body', where body is all of the lines after the first
+line is `contents:body`, where body is all of the lines after the first
blank line. The optional GPG signature is `contents:signature`. The
first `N` lines of the message is obtained using `contents:lines=N`.
Additionally, the trailers as interpreted by linkgit:git-interpret-trailers[1]
-are obtained as 'trailers' (or by using the historical alias
+are obtained as `trailers` (or by using the historical alias
For sorting purposes, fields with numeric values sort in numeric order
(`objectsize`, `authordate`, `committerdate`, `creatordate`, `taggerdate`).