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@@ -38,11 +38,12 @@ OPTIONS
- A string that interpolates `%(fieldname)` from the
- object pointed at by a ref being shown. If `fieldname`
+ A string that interpolates `%(fieldname)` from a ref being shown
+ and the object it points at. If `fieldname`
is prefixed with an asterisk (`*`) and the ref points
- at a tag object, the value for the field in the object
- tag refers is used. When unspecified, defaults to
+ at a tag object, use the value for the field in the object
+ which the tag object refers to (instead of the field in the tag object).
+ When unspecified, `<format>` defaults to
`%(objectname) SPC %(objecttype) TAB %(refname)`.
It also interpolates `%%` to `%`, and `%xx` where `xx`
are hex digits interpolates to character with hex code