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provide --color option for all ref-filter users
When ref-filter learned about want_color() in 11b087adfd (ref-filter: consult want_color() before emitting colors, 2017-07-13), it became useful to be able to turn colors off and on for specific commands. For git-branch, you can do so with --color/--no-color. But for git-for-each-ref and git-tag, the other users of ref-filter, you have no option except to tweak the "color.ui" config setting. Let's give both of these commands the usual color command-line options. This is a bit more obvious as a method for overriding the config. And it also prepares us for the behavior of "always" changing (so that we are still left with a way of forcing color when our output goes to a non-terminal). Signed-off-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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literally, in the latter case matching completely or from the
beginning up to a slash.
+ Respect any colors specified in the `--format` option. The
+ `<when>` field must be one of `always`, `never`, or `auto` (if
+ `<when>` is absent, behave as if `always` was given).