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git-1bf6551e42c79a594689a356a9b14759d55f3cf5.tar.bz2 support nearly proper tag name filtering
Add support for creating a new tag object and retaining the tag message, author, and date when rewriting tags. The gpg signature, if one exists, will be stripped. This adds nearly proper tag name filtering to filter-branch. Proper tag name filtering would include the ability to change the tagger, tag date, tag message, and _not_ strip a gpg signature if the tag did not change. Signed-off-by: Brandon Casey <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -133,10 +133,16 @@ use "--tag-name-filter cat" to simply update the tags. In this
case, be very careful and make sure you have the old tags
backed up in case the conversion has run afoul.
-Note that there is currently no support for proper rewriting of
-tag objects; in layman terms, if the tag has a message or signature
-attached, the rewritten tag won't have it. Sorry. (It is by
-definition impossible to preserve signatures at any rate.)
+Nearly proper rewriting of tag objects is supported. If the tag has
+a message attached, a new tag object will be created with the same message,
+author, and timestamp. If the tag has a signature attached, the
+signature will be stripped. It is by definition impossible to preserve
+signatures. The reason this is "nearly" proper, is because ideally if
+the tag did not change (points to the same object, has the same name, etc.)
+it should retain any signature. That is not the case, signatures will always
+be removed, buyer beware. There is also no support for changing the
+author or timestamp (or the tag message for that matter). Tags which point
+to other tags will be rewritten to point to the underlying commit.
--subdirectory-filter <directory>::
Only look at the history which touches the given subdirectory.