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Documentation: rename gitlink macro to linkgit
Between AsciiDoc 8.2.2 and 8.2.3, the following change was made to the stock Asciidoc configuration: @@ -149,7 +153,10 @@ # Inline macros. # Backslash prefix required for escape processing. # (?s) re flag for line spanning. -(?su)[\\]?(?P<name>\w(\w|-)*?):(?P<target>\S*?)(\[(?P<attrlist>.*?)\])= + +# Explicit so they can be nested. +(?su)[\\]?(?P<name>(http|https|ftp|file|mailto|callto|image|link)):(?P<target>\S*?)(\[(?P<attrlist>.*?)\])= + # Anchor: [[[id]]]. Bibliographic anchor. (?su)[\\]?\[\[\[(?P<attrlist>[\w][\w-]*?)\]\]\]=anchor3 # Anchor: [[id,xreflabel]] This default regex now matches explicit values, and unfortunately in this case gitlink was being matched by just 'link', causing the wrong inline macro template to be applied. By renaming the macro, we can avoid being matched by the wrong regex. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -13,18 +13,18 @@ SYNOPSIS
This program dumps the given revisions in a form suitable to be piped
-into gitlink:git-fast-import[1].
+into linkgit:git-fast-import[1].
You can use it as a human readable bundle replacement (see
-gitlink:git-bundle[1]), or as a kind of an interactive
+linkgit:git-bundle[1]), or as a kind of an interactive
Insert 'progress' statements every <n> objects, to be shown by
- gitlink:git-fast-import[1] during import.
+ linkgit:git-fast-import[1] during import.
Specify how to handle signed tags. Since any transformation
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ referenced by that revision range contains the string
-Since gitlink:git-fast-import[1] cannot tag trees, you will not be
+Since linkgit:git-fast-import[1] cannot tag trees, you will not be
able to export the linux-2.6.git repository completely, as it contains
a tag referencing a tree instead of a commit.
@@ -80,4 +80,4 @@ Documentation by Johannes E. Schindelin <>.
-Part of the gitlink:git[7] suite
+Part of the linkgit:git[7] suite