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Merge branch 'jl/nor-or-nand-and'
Eradicate mistaken use of "nor" (that is, essentially "nor" used not in "neither A nor B" ;-)) from in-code comments, command output strings, and documentations. * jl/nor-or-nand-and: code and test: fix misuses of "nor" comments: fix misuses of "nor" contrib: fix misuses of "nor" Documentation: fix misuses of "nor"
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@@ -158,8 +158,8 @@ $ git diff --name-status <2>
$ git diff arch/i386 include/asm-i386 <3>
-<1> Show only modification, rename and copy, but not addition
-nor deletion.
+<1> Show only modification, rename, and copy, but not addition
+or deletion.
<2> Show only names and the nature of change, but not actual
diff output.
<3> Limit diff output to named subtrees.