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Merge branch 'maint-1.8.1' into maint
* maint-1.8.1: bundle: Add colons to list headings in "verify" bundle: Fix "verify" output if history is complete Documentation: filter-branch env-filter example git-filter-branch.txt: clarify ident variables usage git-compat-util.h: Provide missing netdb.h definitions describe: Document --match pattern format Documentation/githooks: Explain pre-rebase parameters update-index: list supported idx versions and their features diff-options: unconfuse description of --color read-cache.c: use INDEX_FORMAT_{LB,UB} in verify_hdr() index-format.txt: mention of v4 is missing in some places
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that points at object deadbee....).
--match <pattern>::
- Only consider tags matching the given pattern (can be used to avoid
- leaking private tags made from the repository).
+ Only consider tags matching the given `glob(7)` pattern,
+ excluding the "refs/tags/" prefix. This can be used to avoid
+ leaking private tags from the repository.
Show uniquely abbreviated commit object as fallback.