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@@ -248,16 +248,16 @@ a subdirectory for each virtual host IP address supported.
Repositories can still be accessed by hostname though, assuming
they correspond to these IP addresses.
-To enable `git-archive --remote` and disable `git-fetch` against
-a repository, have the following in the configuration file in the
-repository (that is the file 'config' next to 'HEAD', 'refs' and
+selectively enable/disable services per repository::
+ To enable `git-archive --remote` and disable `git-fetch` against
+ a repository, have the following in the configuration file in the
+ repository (that is the file 'config' next to 'HEAD', 'refs' and
+ 'objects').
- uploadpack = false
- uploadarchive = true
+ [daemon]
+ uploadpack = false
+ uploadarchive = true