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authorAlex Riesen <>2007-07-31 09:58:43 (GMT)
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Add an option to specify a file to config builtin
There are (really!) systems where using environment variables is very cumbersome (yes, Windows, it has problems unsetting them). Besides this form is shorter. Signed-off-by: Alex Riesen <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -9,17 +9,17 @@ git-config - Get and set repository or global options
-'git-config' [--system | --global] [type] [-z|--null] name [value [value_regex]]
-'git-config' [--system | --global] [type] --add name value
-'git-config' [--system | --global] [type] --replace-all name [value [value_regex]]
-'git-config' [--system | --global] [type] [-z|--null] --get name [value_regex]
-'git-config' [--system | --global] [type] [-z|--null] --get-all name [value_regex]
-'git-config' [--system | --global] [type] [-z|--null] --get-regexp name_regex [value_regex]
-'git-config' [--system | --global] --unset name [value_regex]
-'git-config' [--system | --global] --unset-all name [value_regex]
-'git-config' [--system | --global] --rename-section old_name new_name
-'git-config' [--system | --global] --remove-section name
-'git-config' [--system | --global] [-z|--null] -l | --list
+'git-config' [--system | --global | [-f|--file] config-file] [type] [-z|--null] name [value [value_regex]]
+'git-config' [--system | --global | [-f|--file] config-file] [type] --add name value
+'git-config' [--system | --global | [-f|--file] config-file] [type] --replace-all name [value [value_regex]]
+'git-config' [--system | --global | [-f|--file] config-file] [type] [-z|--null] --get name [value_regex]
+'git-config' [--system | --global | [-f|--file] config-file] [type] [-z|--null] --get-all name [value_regex]
+'git-config' [--system | --global | [-f|--file] config-file] [type] [-z|--null] --get-regexp name_regex [value_regex]
+'git-config' [--system | --global | [-f|--file] config-file] --unset name [value_regex]
+'git-config' [--system | --global | [-f|--file] config-file] --unset-all name [value_regex]
+'git-config' [--system | --global | [-f|--file] config-file] --rename-section old_name new_name
+'git-config' [--system | --global | [-f|--file] config-file] --remove-section name
+'git-config' [--system | --global | [-f|--file] config-file] [-z|--null] -l | --list
@@ -42,8 +42,8 @@ no checks or transformations are performed on the value.
This command will fail if:
-. The .git/config file is invalid,
-. Can not write to .git/config,
+. The config file is invalid,
+. Can not write to the config file,
. no section was provided,
. the section or key is invalid,
. you try to unset an option which does not exist,
@@ -93,6 +93,9 @@ rather than from all available files.
See also <<FILES>>.
+-f config-file, --file config-file::
+ Use the given config file instead of the one specified by GIT_CONFIG.
Remove the given section from the configuration file.