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Documentation: wrap blocks with "--"
The documentation for each of these options contains a list. After the list, AsciiDoc interprets the continuation as a continuation of the *list*, not as a continution of the larger block. As a result, we get too much indentation. Wrap the entire blocks in "--" to fix this. With Asciidoctor, this commit is a no-op, and the two programs now render these identically. These two files share the same problem and indeed, they both document `--untracked-files` in quite similar ways. I haven't checked to what extent that is intentional or warranted, and to what extent they have simply drifted apart. I consider such an investigation and possible cleanup as out of scope for this commit and this patch series. Signed-off-by: Martin Ågren <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -282,18 +282,20 @@ FROM UPSTREAM REBASE" section in linkgit:git-rebase[1].)
Show untracked files.
The mode parameter is optional (defaults to 'all'), and is used to
specify the handling of untracked files; when -u is not used, the
default is 'normal', i.e. show untracked files and directories.
The possible options are:
- 'no' - Show no untracked files
- 'normal' - Shows untracked files and directories
- 'all' - Also shows individual files in untracked directories.
The default can be changed using the status.showUntrackedFiles
configuration variable documented in linkgit:git-config[1].